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Remember how good season two was? UGH. I MISS IT SO MUCH. 


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Oh, Stiles… I can just tell that there are certain types of places you haven’t been and a certain type of life you never had to live if you have never seen a motel that looks worse than that one. In fact the Glen Capri didn’t even look that bad.

I think this really shows the class differences between the two of them. While both of them are from single parent households, Stiles has a car yet doesn’t have a job which implies that his father purhcased it out right and pays for the insurance and any gas Stiles may need, while Scott comes from a true working class situaton where he has a job to help pay BILLS in his home, he probably saved up for almost a year for his bike, and has visited, stayed in motels that have looked and smelled way worse than the Glen Capri. 

they?? don’t???? have???? a????? class??? difference?????

  • as far as i can tell, nurses make 50k-70k, sheriffs in california make 50k, so if anything the mccalls are likely making more money than the stilinskis if you factor in scott working as well (this is of course barring any money that may have went to the stilinskis or possibly only to stiles after claudia’s death. we also, correct me if i’m wrong, don’t know if rafael sends any money to melissa and scott?)
  • it could have been the sheriff’s old car. it could have been claudia’s before her diagnosis and death! it could have been bought at a police auction, as whoneedscanon pointed out.
  • stiles not knowing about shitty motels meaning he’s better off is SUCH a stretch when it’s more likely the stilinskis either don’t travel much, or stay with family when they do. if they travel for something related to the sheriff’s work, afaik the sheriff’s department or something related would pay for the expenses.
  • scott having a steady job speaks more about his work ethic and character than it does about class, jesus christ.

will you please just shut the fuck up? None of this was a big deal, it was just an exchange of words?? Was that snarky, better-than-you-because-i-can-do-bulleted-lists thing you had going really necessary?? I am so sick of everybody just stop jesus christ

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Pokewolf Trainers

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omfg what

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In which Danny actually has known this entire time because he is not a fucking idiot and no one in Beacon Hills has mastered the art of subtlety.

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Scott and Allison are such a great relationship, I can’t even. Whether they’re a romantic endgame or a deep friendship, I just want them to be supportive of each other forever.

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